Copyright Toolkit

Enhance your knowledge about the Copyright Laws.

15 min time

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  • The publishing industry makes an important social and economic contribution to India. It promotes education and research, increases levels of literacy and people reading for pleasure, encourages present and future writers while curating those of the past, and fosters innovation in new forms of reading and information delivery.
  • The copyright framework is a vital component of this knowledge system. Copyright ensures that the best content is presented and disseminated in the right manner to the widest possible audience, that authors are recognised and rewarded for their work, and that publishers who invest in them are incentivised and given the means to support new talent.
  • This online toolkit provides a brief introduction to the subject of copyright and related issues including fair dealing and infringement. We hope that all stakeholders in the knowledge community – including students, researchers, librarians, teachers, parents, authors and publishers – will find that it answers and clarifies key issues about using copyrighted materials for their work or study. We all need to work together to ensure that copyright laws are understood and respected in India.
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